Morally sound and spiritually oriented, psychologically well adjusted, intellectually competent, committed to one’s nation and the cause of one’s fellow beings in justice, love and peace and always be open to truth.


As teachers are paramount to build the overall development of the students, we value their role in our school. A team of well qualified and experienced teaching faculty are employed to handle various subjects. These teachers are recruited from local areas and put through rigorous training and inducted to the school.

Zion’s commitment to SPIRITUAL & MORAL FORMATION :-

In order to realize this the school males conscious efforts to motivate its students :

* To discover the power and goodness of God in day to day living.

* To grow in the love of God, worship Him in love, gratitude and humility and be in touch with Him at all times through prayer.

* To give expression to this love of God by sacrificial service of one’s neighbour irrespective of caste and creed, especially the economically poor and socially oppressed.

* To form their conscience to discern truth and develop the courage to make right choices in life.

Practice values of love, compassion, forgiveness, courage, justice, honesty, respect and joy.


The formation of the intellect demands a progressive and systematic graduation through knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. We encourage our students to enhance their intelligence by:-

* Knowledge development through systematic learning and skill enhancement curriculum.

* Understanding a concept through scientific and critical analysis.

* Application of the subject to their day-to-day learning process.

* Various subjects taught are synthesized for their future application.

* Scientific and systematic evaluation enables each one to assess their position While promoting academic excellence, we stimulate the students to think clearly, judge accurately and make choices in a logical manner, always focusing that, “ the aim of education should be to convert the mind to a living fountain, not a reservoir “ ( John M. Manson)


We will encourage our students, - to discover their potentials, accept limitations and develop self-confidence.

To identify the norms of courtesy, appropriate manners of speech, behavior and follow the dress code.

Zion emphasizes on SOCIAL FORMATION :

We strive to inspire our students to take pride in the nation’s heritage.

* Love and loyalty to one’s country and its people.

* To acquire a genuine respect for humanity irrespective of caste, creed or social status.

* To develop a sensitivity to the needs of one’s fellow human beings, especially the poor and oppressed.

* Leading to concrete action on their behalf.


Besides this extra-curricular activities like painting, drawing, craft work and other games and sports are handled by a team of faculties. Special coaching is undertaken to improve the general knowledge and computer competency. Recently we have introduced IT enabled education from kindergarten in collaboration with leading educational software developers, who support us with software requirement and training of the faculty. This course has been designed in audio-visual mode to enhance the competence of the children and overall development at their initial stage of education. In addition to this, the management has undertaken various parental education programmes like general awareness on hygiene and sanitation, child development, family counselling and budgeting, first aid training, etc,.. We are giving more emphasis on the overall personality development of each child by all means possible. Our curriculum is designed to achieve our MOTTO “LEARN TO EXCEL“.